Drabble: Monster’s Under the Bed – by Ann Weeth

by specklit

It wasn’t the dark that was scary. Oh, no. It was the shadows, which need light to exist, that were scary. People often get that wrong. Not Maddy, though.

“Wouldn’t you like a night light?” Her worried parents would ask, particularly after some other child was on the news for being snatched by the monster under the bed.

Piffle, Maddy would say.

In fact, Maddy was quite friendly with her monster. Along with Teddy, they had successfully beaten back the shadows for five nights running. If they could just keep the stupid night light out they might actually survive. Probably.

Author’s Note: Parents often discount a child’s fear as nonsense, but they discount their strengths even more. I have often thought that parents should pay more attention to the seemingly nonsensical things that children say.

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