Drabble: Long Vacations – by Timothy A. Wiseman

by specklit

John wandered aimlessly about his house. He could see his family, but they couldn’t see him. When he spoke, they didn’t hear. When he touched something, his hand merely passed through it. Nothing he did made the slightest bit of difference.

He had been like this for nearly two weeks. For the thousandth time, he screamed in frustration. He collapsed onto the ground, staring off in bleak despair.

Finally, a raven arrived and said, “Sorry about the long delay, I was on vacation. I guess they didn’t get anyone to fill in. I’m here to take you to your judgment.”

Author’s Note: There are some jobs in which arranging a vacation is simple. But for others, like being a guide to the dead, they must be carefully arranged.

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