Drabble: Broken Pearls – by Anna Salonen

by specklit

Faye was in her second decade when she broke Lady Toadstool’s prized necklace. Pearls rolled all over Faerie and beyond, and the lady, furious, cursed her to walk the land until she recovered the baubles.

Faye searched for centuries: in Faerie, the demon realms, and the world of men.

She had found all but one. The last pearl lay in the museum case before her; she needed only break the glass to be free.

But then she’d have to return home, and she so adored green smoothies and California rolls.

She turned her back to the case.

Perhaps next year.

Author’s Note: They probably don’t have California rolls in Faerie.

One Response to “Drabble: Broken Pearls – by Anna Salonen”

  1. I like this story. So many stories are about trying to go home, this one nicely rejects the option.

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