Drabble: Too Much of a Good Thing – by Dionne Obeso

by specklit

Tray’s watch chirped. “You’ve been browsing travel sites! Maybe you should check out these Greek lessons!”

He swiped at his wrist. “Shut up, would you?”

“Oh. Would you like some relaxing music?”

“No!” He put a hand over it, trying to silence the stupid thing.

“Okay. But I noticed your list of websites to “read later” has grown a lot! Perhaps you’d like me to schedule an hour for—”

He wrapped his sweatshirt around his wrist until it was muffled, and then grinned fiercely at the stunned clerk. “Like I said, I want to return my Life Assistant. Please.”

Author’s Note: If Google prompted me to fulfill every aspirational search I ever made, I think I’d go crazy in less than an hour.

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