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Drabble: Gather at the Grave Side – by Tamlyn Dreaver

by specklit

A rose thorn made an ineffective knife, but Lo drew enough blood along her palm that her magic welled in response. She clenched her fist, and the spirits muttered around her. The living stayed silent.

Lo ignored them all. She pulled at the tidal wave of power. Barely in control, she forced it over the ground. The corpses and skeletons and empty coffins screamed their rage.

Before the magic even faded, the living muttered. Soon they’d run her out of town, but it didn’t matter. Another cemetery had been cleansed. No dead would rise there.

Lo was used to running.

Author’s Note: This begun in the story I didn’t write from a selection of words when I should have.

Drabble: The Hunt – by Petra McQueen

by specklit

Only meat was missing from the buffet. It was up to Clara and her friends to fetch it. They lay silently, overlooking ‘Elysian Fields’: each girl equipped with a Maelstrom B891. Clara’s, a present from Mum just before she left, was customised with stickers of the LurveBoyz.

A song wailed through the air. It was time!

Dust rose from the valley: a pack ran out. Clara positioned herself. Would she spot her? That was essential: the only way to become an adult. She put her finger on the trigger and waited for her mother to speed into her sight line.

Author’s Note: What is it to become an adult? Some cultures send their children out into the wilds and they come back adults; others tattoo or cut their young to mark their newly acquired adulthood. In this story, I wanted to create a dystopian future where this rite of passage was violent and simple.

Drabble: Zombie Papers – by Gabrielle Friesen

by specklit

The zombies were about to break into the apartment. She had to finish her work now. She wasn’t sure how the human race would survive, or if they would be able to access Macs in the future. But she had faith in hypothetical survivors.

The zombies outside groaned forgotten gibberish while clawing at the doors. She couldn’t escape, but at least she could finish this paper on Arthurian Romance. Her thesis was good, and maybe this paper would be all that survived on the subject. She hit save, her door already beginning to splinter under the assault of decaying limbs.

Author’s Note: During undergrad I’d sometimes panic about what I had accomplished with my life so far, and how, if at all, I would be remembered in an apocalypse/post-apocalypse setting.

Drabble: Misdirection – by S. Dawes

by specklit

He felt dead eyes watching as he sunk his teeth into the folds of her neck. Drops of blood soaked onto her white collar: the stain, a medal of honour. His pack inhaled the scent, and nodding like puppets, allowed him to carry her out, to feast privately, his initiation complete.

His back turned, he spat the empty glass vial of rat-blood out from under his tongue and laid her in a plague pit, away from twitching noses, using the dead to perfume her.

They believed he had turned her but when the sedative wore off, he’d let her choose.

Author’s Note: I love magic, misdirection and rebellious characters and I wanted the monster to be kind.

Drabble: Reunion Time – by Jean-Paul L. Garnier

by specklit

I appear in my bedroom, the one I disappeared from when I was sixteen years old. I have known for some time that I would return to this time, at some point in life. The first time around it was nothing but blankness, just a mere turn of the head that lasted six hours. The sun having set in the duration of my absence. Now as I look out that window, sun still up, I know that I have six hours at best. Five minutes up the street lives my best friend, lives in this time but not in mine.

Author’s Note: When I was a teen I had a lapse in time that lasted six hours. Sometimes I think that I might show up in that younger body and have six hours to kill. After years of thinking about this I have decided that what I will do with the time is visit my old best friend, who is no longer with us, for one last chance to spend some time together.

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