Drabble: Spider and Dragonfly – by Jessica Armstrong

by specklit

Dragonflies can’t walk. They can only stand.

I never feel sad for them. They can fly.

But I feel sad for him. He’s not struggling to escape my widow’s web.

Seeing his torn wing, I know he wasn’t caught. By some accident, he’s been doomed to a life of standing. He chose my web.

But I won’t let him die.

I help him out of the trap and carefully mend his wing.

We live quite comfortably together. I carry him so he feels what it’s like to walk, and he carries me so I feel what it’s like to fly.

Author’s Note: I recently read that most dragonflies can’t walk. Whether this is true or not seems to be the source of a bit of confusion, but I decided to write a story based on the assumption that it is true. Sorry if I’m wrong.

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