Drabble: The Hunt – by Petra McQueen

by specklit

Only meat was missing from the buffet. It was up to Clara and her friends to fetch it. They lay silently, overlooking ‘Elysian Fields’: each girl equipped with a Maelstrom B891. Clara’s, a present from Mum just before she left, was customised with stickers of the LurveBoyz.

A song wailed through the air. It was time!

Dust rose from the valley: a pack ran out. Clara positioned herself. Would she spot her? That was essential: the only way to become an adult. She put her finger on the trigger and waited for her mother to speed into her sight line.

Author’s Note: What is it to become an adult? Some cultures send their children out into the wilds and they come back adults; others tattoo or cut their young to mark their newly acquired adulthood. In this story, I wanted to create a dystopian future where this rite of passage was violent and simple.

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