Drabble: Misdirection – by S. Dawes

by specklit

He felt dead eyes watching as he sunk his teeth into the folds of her neck. Drops of blood soaked onto her white collar: the stain, a medal of honour. His pack inhaled the scent, and nodding like puppets, allowed him to carry her out, to feast privately, his initiation complete.

His back turned, he spat the empty glass vial of rat-blood out from under his tongue and laid her in a plague pit, away from twitching noses, using the dead to perfume her.

They believed he had turned her but when the sedative wore off, he’d let her choose.

Author’s Note: I love magic, misdirection and rebellious characters and I wanted the monster to be kind.

One Response to “Drabble: Misdirection – by S. Dawes”

  1. Dionne says:

    Oh gosh, but… plague? It would suck to choose humanity only to get the plague and die.

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