Drabble: Killer City – by Victoria Dalpe

by specklit

Today the news bulletin warned blonds under thirty to abide by the curfew. The weekend before had been Asian women, the week before was little black girls, drunk teens etc. An ordinary day in a city of killers. And if you weren’t a potential victim you were a potential killer. It was wonderful last summer when the killer of killers was hunting. Made us all safer, until he was slain himself, of course. And things went back to normal. We watch the news, obey curfews, beware our friends and family. Mix up the routines, trust no one. Above all, survive.

Author’s Note: If serial killers were as common as TV procedurals make them out to be, bodies would be shoulder high in morgues.

2 Responses to “Drabble: Killer City – by Victoria Dalpe”

  1. Yes, and it seems Gotham City has more bankrobbers than the entire rest of the world put together.

  2. Jon says:

    I really liked it had a post Dexter feel.

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