Drabble: Trouble in Paradise – by C.S. Lane

by specklit

When Gunther Stibbons was summoned by séance, he honestly was rather perplexed.

“O Great Spirit!” the medium intoned, “Why dost thou linger in this domicile?”


The medium sighed. “Why do you stay in this house?”

“Oh. Well. I gotta live somewhere, I suppose.”


“All right. Fine. Reside.”

“But why have you returned to the toils of this Earth? Why—when you have cast away slings and arrows—and shuffled mortal coils aside?”

“When I’ve … what?”

“Why have you returned from the Afterlife?”

“Oh, that’s easy—” Gunther replied:

“My wife kicked me out of the cloud.”

Author’s Note: If spouses don’t get along here on Earth, do they still stay together in Eternity?

2 Responses to “Drabble: Trouble in Paradise – by C.S. Lane”

  1. Amber says:

    Gunther is priceless! Really enjoyed how he undermines the medium’s hoity-toity dialog. Hilarious!

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