Drabble: In Position of Death – by Gabrielle Lissauer

by specklit

The rain sprayed down onto Delora as she laid in the street staring up into the grey sky. She twisted her arms carefully so that the fit the chalk outline perfectly. As soon as she did so the rain vanished and she felt herself falling hard onto the cement in shock, her abdomen burning in pain. Long sunset shadows crossed the street. Just out of her view she saw green sneakers and black pants, a voice laughing, gloating.

Snapping out of it, the pain vanished and Delora looked up at her fellow officers. “The victim knew his killer…” she began.

Author’s Note: I think this would make an interesting crime drama gimmick.

2 Responses to “Drabble: In Position of Death – by Gabrielle Lissauer”

  1. GW says:

    Very well done, a tease of an idea for more. It is fascinating how you used descriptive terms to show the story, more than would seem to be there in just a few words.

    • Gabrielle says:

      Thank you! I do wish I could come up with a decent real plot to make this into a fuller story – but then again – there’s something nice of just this one glimpse too.

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