Drabble: Weakness – by C.S. Lane

by specklit

Pyraxis knew he was invincible.

Like all Class-3s, he could only suffer injury when strict environmental conditions were met. His rEvolution would heal him, otherwise.

Pyraxis gloated on his throne. His trigger was too obscure for discovery. Not like Anhelia—undone by her name: A droplet of sunlight, then blammo.

The Throne Room’s lights began to flicker horrifically—resolving into patterns of flashing. Then funky music began to play—and dancers leapt out from the shadows!

Pyraxis tried to flee too late. The bullet was already in his bowels—he shrieked:

NOOO! A disco party! My ONE weakness!!!

Authors Note: We see many stories about newly evolved strengths, but rarely about newly evolved weaknesses. Genetics can swing both ways, however. And sometimes it can get rather silly.

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