Drabble: A Well-Established Routine – by Amber K Bryant

by specklit

Robot has a routine: Serve. Clean. Charge. Repeat.

Arnold has a routine: Eat. Party. Sleep. Repeat.

Robot doesn’t appreciate disruptions to Robot’s routine. Neither does Arnold.

Jenna has a routine: Hack. Disrupt. Recode. Repeat.

Today Jenna hacks Robot. Jenna’s routine is undisturbed, but Arnold’s is totally fucked. Robot shovels Arnold’s food into its fake mouth, plays loud music keeping Arnold awake, and makes Arnold do all the cleaning.

Disruption would upset Robot, but Robot has been reprogramed. Robot loves Robot’s new routine!

Arnold is going to give Jenna a piece of his mind just as soon as he’s done vacuuming.

Author’s Note: Stories in which robots go from servant to master are often very dramatic. I thought it would be fun to imagine this theme in the context of a more playful scenario.

2 Responses to “Drabble: A Well-Established Routine – by Amber K Bryant”

  1. C.S. Lane says:

    So many smiles and laughs.

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