Drabble: Wet Paint – by Sierra July

by specklit

When Sadie felt cold, she could paint her nails. Red polish made her hot and with polish remover and a coat of blue, she could cool down again. Various brands had the same results, with no effect on her sister, so Sadie figured it was her.

She tried yellow and felt happy, black and felt depressed. Glitter made her glow in and out. But there was one shade she hadn’t tried.

She plastered clear polish on and went invisible.

It was awesome, walking through walls, pulling chairs from under people, until she realized that remover couldn’t work on thin air.

Author’s Note: This story came from thinking what if nail polishes could change your mood by soaking through your cuticles and became something crazy when I thought of how colors are already shown to affect mood. I was greatly influenced by the Invisible Man.

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