Drabble: Retry – by Erin M. Hartshorn

by specklit

Upload your consciousness, live forever! What could go wrong?

When Brain4U went into bankruptcy, Harry wasn’t worried. Sure, if they went out of business, he’d die, the way people had died for millennia, but their finances didn’t concern him. Then Game4Ever bought Brain4U as an investment, and he figured he was safe again. So he uploaded, and his body, as far as he knew, died.

At least it only died once.

Harry felt the familiar tug as some midnight gamer reloaded the battle he’d just lost and Harry got called as cannon fodder. Immortality wasn’t supposed to be like this.

Author’s Note: Late at night, watching my husband reload a fight in his latest video game, I wondered how the extras in the scene felt about playing it over and over again.

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