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Drabble: The Dark Lord’s Genie – by Emily Martha Sorensen

by specklit

“All right,” the genie said. “No man shall ever kill you. As for my payment —”

“Hey, wait a minute!” the Dark Lord protested. “What about women?”

The genie snapped his fingers. “Fine. No living human. Your bill is —”

“And what about dead ones? I’ve heard about poltergeists —”

“No human, living or dead, will be able to kill you!”

“Well, what about dogs?”

The genie paused. “Now you’re just being annoying.”

“Also, what about inanimate objects? It doesn’t do much me good if it ‘humans’ can’t kill me, but a sword can…”

Five minutes later, the genie killed the Dark Lord.

Author’s Note: Don’t try to pester the cranky being who grants wishes. He might try to make his own personal wish come true.

Drabble: X Ray (Supervillain Origin Stories) – by JB Starre

by specklit

I’m 14 and in 5th period when it starts. At first I think someone’s turning the lights on and off, but I quickly realize I’m the only one seeing the world flicker.

“Are you okay?”

It’s Marcella’s voice, but when I look at her I see bones and organs and entrails. I shriek and fall out of my chair.

Joey and Greg are laughing at me, jeering crybaby and loser.

Joey’s still laughing when the school nurse carries me out, and I glare at him and decide that he looks better without skin, anyway.

I begin to formulate a plan.

Author’s Note: When you think “X-ray vision,” you think “seeing people naked even when they’re fully clothed.” But usually X-rays reveal what’s underneath the skin: bones and organs and such. That actually doesn’t seem like such a glamorous superpower anymore, does it?

Drabble: Dead in Space – by Sylvia Heike

by specklit

Space is a lonely place for my kind. I’m the last vampire, but I can’t even call myself the last on earth, since the blue planet is no more.

For weeks, I’ve been floating past lifeless rocks and uninhabited planets in the endless darkness. I’ve had a lot of time to mourn, to think, and to regret.

Is that a fleet of survivors? I can almost smell their sweet, sweet blood. I’m starving…

But I know how it ends if I feed. I would soon go hungry again. No. Let them have their chance and repopulate.

I can wait.

Author’s Note: I had this image in my head of a vampire floating in space, the last survivor after Earth has been destroyed.

Drabble: Future Sight – by Erin M. Hartshorn

by specklit

“Can she see us?”

“No, no. She’s our future, a ghost in a mirror. We will be gone soon, but the device allows us a glimpse of what she will become. Then we will dismantle it and go.”

“What’s in her hand?”

“It’s the lock. But that means–”

They watched as she reassembled the device, looked over her shoulder as she stared into the same viewing screen, saw themselves watching her. They turned to smile at the empty air and mouth, “We love you.”

The device beeped to warn of low power, and they turned to see her say goodbye.

Author’s Note: Still thinking about wanting to know how kids and grandkids turn out.

Drabble: Tying Up Loose Ends – by Rob Butler

by specklit

Dickens penned the final words to The Mystery of Edwin Drood and relaxed with a dreamy look on his face. Somehow he had felt he was battling against time to complete the novel. He was relieved it was finished.

Back in the control centre of the Flexible Alternative Relativistic Chrono Extender there was great excitement as the final page was scanned and stored.



“OK, collapse the Time Bubble.”

“Collapse in progress. Awaiting final confirmation. And, check, normal historical time is restored.

The Controller sighed with relief and consulted his notes.

“Now, what’s next, ah yes, Schubert’s Unfinished Symphony.”

Author’s note: What unfinished work would you like to see completed by the original author? My choice would be Sanditon.

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