Drabble: Protecting the Family Honor – by Alison McBain

by specklit

When Shigeo drowned in a well, Yuriko thought it bad luck. After Raiden succumbed to a fever, she was heartbroken. She tore her breast at Jirou’s funeral and cried endlessly for Daiki. So when Fumio began to court her, she went immediately to the family shrine.

“Please,” she prayed. “Protect Fumio, so that I may finally marry.”

The ancestors cast their eyes over the hapless Fumio, just like they had each time Yuriko came to them with a name.

“Too lazy.”

“Too ugly.”

Not good enough.

The next day, Yuriko heard the dreadful news about what had happened to Fumio.

Author’s Note: After a while of being dead, ancestors would probably lose touch with the lives of their descendants. They might think they were helping, but it would be hard for them to see how their actions might be harmful for the living.

One Response to “Drabble: Protecting the Family Honor – by Alison McBain”

  1. Grey Harlowe says:

    This is great. I’m always impressed by a writer who wants to turn traditional interpretations of any idea (ie; the idea of ancestors inherently doing good for their living relatives) on its head.

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