Drabble: The Flight of the Guinea Pig – by Rosalind Barden

by specklit

The rural town was frightened when the children awoke to find their guinea pigs had vanished. Demonic sacrifice? Alien abduction? As months passed and nothing else disappeared, the incident was dismissed as an elaborate prank. Undaunted, Heather searched nearby fields for her beloved pig, Miss Priss. Following a curious rustling in the tall grass, she came to an abandoned barn. Inside she was astounded to find the missing guinea pigs. She was even more astounded when, after crying, “Miss Priss! Why did you leave?” the pig answered, “I can’t speak for the rest of them, but, frankly, I was bored.”

Author’s Note: I once had a guinea pig and always thought there was more on her mind than simply lettuce.

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