Drabble: The Dark Lord’s Genie – by Emily Martha Sorensen

by specklit

“All right,” the genie said. “No man shall ever kill you. As for my payment —”

“Hey, wait a minute!” the Dark Lord protested. “What about women?”

The genie snapped his fingers. “Fine. No living human. Your bill is —”

“And what about dead ones? I’ve heard about poltergeists —”

“No human, living or dead, will be able to kill you!”

“Well, what about dogs?”

The genie paused. “Now you’re just being annoying.”

“Also, what about inanimate objects? It doesn’t do much me good if it ‘humans’ can’t kill me, but a sword can…”

Five minutes later, the genie killed the Dark Lord.

Author’s Note: Don’t try to pester the cranky being who grants wishes. He might try to make his own personal wish come true.

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