Drabble: The Phoenix (Superhero Origin Stories) – by JB Starre

by specklit

Look, this wasn’t what I had in mind when I agreed to babysit for you. “Special needs” is one thing, but “may spontaneously burst into flame” probably should have been mentioned ahead of time. And I guess I should have asked about all the fire extinguishers.

I’m CPR certified and subscribe to a number of different parenting blogs, but nobody seems to have any advice for how to handle onesies going up in smoke. How do you even hold him during these incidents? With potholders?

If you need me to watch him again, I’m going to have to charge double.

Author’s Note: For this one, I started with “look, this wasn’t what I had in mind” and just went from there.

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  1. Brenda Anderson says:

    I totally love it!

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