Drabble: The House Robot – by Sylvia Heike

by specklit

Meredith pulled on her favourite cashmere sweater, but it barely covered her belly button.

“House robot!” she yelled.

The titanium appliance wheeled to the doorway. “Yes, Madam?”

“You’ve ruined my sweater! Didn’t you check the label? Hand-wash only.”

“I washed it exactly the way you would wash things, Madam. I inserted single colour into the machine and ran program one. I even allowed the laundry ample time to crease on the line before folding it carelessly into your dresser. Are you not pleased?”

Was that sarcasm in the robot’s voice? Meredith bit her lip. “Next time … follow the label.”

Author’s Note: One shouldn’t be too quick to point fingers when a robot does something wrong.

One Response to “Drabble: The House Robot – by Sylvia Heike”

  1. specklit says:

    Reading this drabble we could easily imagine people not wanting to upset their house robot – which crazily is probably exactly what will happen.

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