Drabble: The Human Dynamo Theory – by Rosalind Barden

by specklit

“The Human Dynamo Theory explains the explosion of paranormal activity in our modern times. In olden days, the occasional castle harbored a haunt. Now, all homes are infested, even this one. It is electricity, food to the disembodied who can receive nourishment no other way. Humans by their massive world-wide electromagnetic dynamo network have spawned a spirit overpopulation unprecedented in history.

“Which is why,” Agatha continued to the trembling child clutching its plush rabbit in its hands and teeth, a child she’d been forced to babysit, “I must turn off all lights, every last one, when you go to bed.”

Author’s Note: If it is true what television paranormal investigators say, that camera batteries go suddenly dead in haunted houses because spirits feed off electricity, it follows that there must be a spirit population explosion since the invention of electricity.

4 Responses to “Drabble: The Human Dynamo Theory – by Rosalind Barden”

  1. Jeff Suwak says:

    Brilliantly done. I love this one!

  2. lynda fenneman says:

    Q.E.D. OMG? they are everywhere…?

  3. specklit says:

    We chose this drabble because we are fans of anything that makes children behave. (Yes, we are also fans of George MacDonald and P.L. Travers)

  4. Lisa Seidman says:

    I was Agatha when I was a babysitter! Loved this.

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