Drabble: Sorry Everybody by Rob Butler

by specklit

I could see into the future. I made fortunes winning several lotteries and became the most famous person on Earth. Everybody wanted to kidnap me to exploit my power but it was, of course, quite easy to avoid them.

That is, until the power suddenly disappeared. I said I was stopping predictions and went into hiding.

The CIA got to me first. I awoke in a nuclear bunker and my hosts looked ugly. Fearing torture, I panicked and said I’d allowed them to catch me as a nuclear bunker looked like a good place to be just now.

Sorry everybody.

Author’s Note: They might not have believed him even if he had told the truth and they would probably have jumped to the same conclusion!

One Response to “Drabble: Sorry Everybody by Rob Butler”

  1. Good ending. It caught me by surprise.

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