Drabble: The Crushing Disappointment of the Invisible Man by Ken MacGregor

by specklit

“You’re sure that’s your wish?”

“Positive,” Claude said.

“You could actually sleep with her.”

“Oh, I couldn’t do that,” Claude said. “I would never cheat on Bridgette.”

The djinn shrugged and blew sparkling dust in Claude’s face.

Claude blinked and found himself in Vanessa’s bathroom. The shower was running.

Claude’s heart slammed into his ribs and he could barely breathe.

Vanessa stepped out of the tub, naked, wet and perfect. After drying herself, she sat on the toilet and snagged a book from the rack. Uh-Oh.

Then, Vanessa dug a finger into her nose and put Claude off voyeurism forever.

Author’s Note: I commented to my wife that I’d like to be invisible so I could spy on people. She said I’d like see a lot of nose-picking. I think she’s right.

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