Drabble: One Weird Trick by Robert Dawson

by specklit

WHITER TEETH! Try This One Weird Trick That Dentists Hate, Discovered By A Local Mom!

They’re all over the Internet now. Ever clicked to see what the trick is?

Ronald was curious, and sick of Gail bitching about his cigarette-stained teeth. Within ten minutes a text message arrived, inviting him to drop over. The address was only five blocks away.

She was waiting by the front door; she smiled, and asked him to come inside. Her husband was out, she said; the baby was napping. She was slim and glamorous. And eager.

And her teeth were very white and sharp.

Author’s Note: We all know better than to click on those links, don’t we? After all, who needs malware?

2 Responses to “Drabble: One Weird Trick by Robert Dawson”

  1. Brenda Anderson says:

    Haha, loved it!

  2. That first line made me laugh–it’s pitch perfect.

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