Drabble: All the Time in the World by Rob Butler

by specklit

Terry’s grandfather was a professional magician. At parties he did amazing card tricks for the youngster and before each one he tapped mysteriously on an old pocket watch hanging by a huge gold chain from his waistcoat.

When the old man died, Terry asked his parents if he could keep the pocket watch. He could remember the pattern of taps and found to his astonishment that the watch stopped. And so did everything else. Time itself came to a halt.

Terry had a wild time, stealing money and committing many other unspeakable deeds.

Unfortunately, however, he couldn’t restart the watch.

Author’s Note: Always check out your exit strategy.

2 Responses to “Drabble: All the Time in the World by Rob Butler”

  1. Robert Dawson says:

    Wow, a new twist on an old – winding stem? Nice!

  2. Well, at least he has plenty of time to experiment with ways to restart the watch.

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