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Drabble: The Duel by Anita Roberts Soupir

by specklit

In utter disbelief, I sat on my favorite park bench and watched as a squat man in and old-fashioned suit and cape suddenly appeared a few feet away.

He spotted me, grimaced and withdrew a wand, taking aim. Luckily, another man winked into existence at that moment. Tall and blonde, he looked the proper Victorian. A quick but fierce battle ensued, ending with the shorter wizard being transformed into a rat and scurrying off.

The remaining gentleman grinned, tipped his hat and said, “He won’t be troubling anyone now and New York won’t notice another vermin.” Then he was gone.

Author’s Note: I just like to envision this happening to me.

Drabble: Two Left Feet by Sylvia Heike

by specklit

Lila flicked her wand and a golden sandal appeared. Another flick resulted in a bunny slipper. Half an hour later, she owned a mountain of shoes, but only for the left foot.

She stormed off to Ted’s Magic Repairs and explained the problem.

Ted examined the wand. “Come with me.”

In the backroom, Lila stumbled over a pile of shoes–all for the right foot.

Ted pulled out a wand and blushed. “Looks like I’ve got the other half.”

“We should go out,” Lila joked, and he turned even redder.

Many magical dates followed, conjuring things that matched together perfectly.

Author’s Note: What if a magic wand could only conjure useless things such as… left foot shoes? After that idea the story wrote itself.

Drabble: Time Marches On by Beth Morris Tanner

by specklit

Aiden knew you shouldn’t stop on fairy mounds to rest, but he was so tired of walking and his feet were so sore.

Aiden knew you shouldn’t taste food or drink from fairyland, but he was so thirsty. It was only a sip.

Blinking, he rubbed sleep from his eyes and found bracken in his hair. He heard a dull rumbling noise nearby and rose, stumbling toward a strangely-wrought fence beyond the trees.

Below he saw hundreds of jewel-lit carriages whizzing past with no horses or coachmen to guide them. Above were the mysterious words “M6 – The North West”.

Author’s Note: Inspired by driving through Britain.

Drabble: The Word We Don’t Say by Robert Dawson

by specklit

“Want to come for a drive, son?” Paul entered the security code: the car hummed into life.

“But Dad! Brad’s coming over to play, remember? You said it was okay.”

“Darn, so I did. Then I can’t go either; I’ll have to send the car on its own.” He spoke to the audio pickup. “Destination: 3427 Pacific Road. No passengers.”

“Is that the mechanic’s, Dad?”

Tires squealed; the car sprang out of the driveway. Paul turned, only to see it vanish in the wrong direction.

“You know we don’t use that word when the car’s listening!” he said.

“Sorry, Dad.”

Author’s note: Self-driving cars. What could possibly go wrong?

Drabble: Lessons Learned by Rob Butler

by specklit

The aliens arrived in 2034.

We blasted them out of the sky just as they were starting to explain how delighted they were to meet us. It was only later after analysing the wreckage that we realised they were not only peaceful but had no knowledge of weapons or warfare.

It was the catalyst for change. Three centuries later we were just like them. We had learned our lesson.

To our delight we saw the aliens returning in 2335. We prepared a great celebration and made ready to apologise.

They blasted the planet to pieces.

They had learned their lesson.

Author’s Note: I’m pretty sure we would react to the first encounter like this. I’m not so sure we would have changed though by the time of the second encounter.

Drabble: Greek Gods Go Golfing by Ken MacGregor

by specklit

“Go ahead. Really smack it,” Hades said. Hercules put power into his swing, and the golf ball sailed over the horizon.

“That’s another bogie for Herc,” said Ares. He was always trying to pick a fight.

“I hate you,” Hercules said to the god of the underworld.

“Everyone does,” Hades said with a smile.

“I don’t hate you,” Aphrodite said. When she spoke, the men stopped and stared.

“Oh, that makes me so happy,” Hades said without a trace of sincerity.

Dionysus took a huge swig from a flask.

“I don’t know why we bother,” he said. “Zeus always wins.”

Author’s Note: I think gods are pretty much omnipotent children and I like to poke fun at them.

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