Drabble: Ankle Biters by Josh Schwartzkopf

by specklit

Deirdre was looking for a wealthy husband and had her sights on a drooping faced old man named Marcus. The only downside was the geezer had two kids from a previous marriage. He insisted that she visit with the children before they married. So here she was standing in the dimly lit nursery, trying to ignore the smell when she felt something bite her ankle.

“What the hell?” She stumbled and fell to the floor. Deirdre saw the two children crawling towards her – milky white eyes, rotted flesh, bloody mouths.

“I’m sorry, dear,” Marcus said. “The children are very hungry.”

Author’s Note: I wrote this as a longer short story which didn’t take off but thought it “bit” deeper in a shorter form. Forgive the pun.

One Response to “Drabble: Ankle Biters by Josh Schwartzkopf”

  1. James says:

    Zombie babies! Run!

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