Drabble: Net by Brenda Anderson

by specklit

Max laid the net at Lily’s feet. “See? I trawled the whole world for words of love. It’s my gift to you.”

Lily shivered. “It’s a net, Max. I’m not a fish.”

He stared at her.

“Max, listen. All words trap meaning, and all nets trap, but your love’s a noun, a need, a list, a demand: dead, Max. But love’s a verb, living, giving. I told you before, I love someone else.”

“Not possible.”

“Believe me, it’s over, Max.”

He filled it with stones and tossed it away. Next day a cop knocked.

His net had hooked a corpse.

Author’s Note: Dorothy L. Sayers inspired this story, some passing comment on words made by her witty detective Lord Peter Wimsey.

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