Drabble: Basic Instincts by Lizz Shepherd

by specklit

“They’re at it again,” George called to his wife in the next room. He heard her coming to stand behind him at the living room window that overlooked the wooded front yard.

“That’s beyond disgusting. I wish the president had mentioned in his speech that this would be happening,” she said before she went to retrieve her rifle from the mantle.

George nodded sadly, his forehead creased in revulsion. The president had said to shoot zombies. The president had said these creatures were at the mercy of their base instincts. The president had never told them that those included mating.

Author’s Note: I’ve always wondered why that wasn’t one of a zombie’s expected behaviors since they’re slaves to instinct.

One Response to “Drabble: Basic Instincts by Lizz Shepherd”

  1. Kim says:

    Love this! Nobody ever thinks of the idea that zombies (being primal) would obviously be prone to act on one of every animals most basic instinct. Very clever…

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