Drabble: Two Left Feet by Sylvia Heike

by specklit

Lila flicked her wand and a golden sandal appeared. Another flick resulted in a bunny slipper. Half an hour later, she owned a mountain of shoes, but only for the left foot.

She stormed off to Ted’s Magic Repairs and explained the problem.

Ted examined the wand. “Come with me.”

In the backroom, Lila stumbled over a pile of shoes–all for the right foot.

Ted pulled out a wand and blushed. “Looks like I’ve got the other half.”

“We should go out,” Lila joked, and he turned even redder.

Many magical dates followed, conjuring things that matched together perfectly.

Author’s Note: What if a magic wand could only conjure useless things such as… left foot shoes? After that idea the story wrote itself.

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  1. Very cleverly done. I love fantasy romance flash fiction.

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