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Drabble: Failure #27 by William A. Veselik

by specklit

My newest creature arose from its slab last night.

I was a little shaken, especially since it had been two days since I routed three lightning strikes directly into its lifeless body.

As quickly as I could, I prepared a sedative and braced myself for a rampage.

My creatures almost always go on rampages.

I even pay extra on my laboratory insurance policy just for that reason.

This time, though, the hideous creature opened his jaundiced eyes and sat up before turning its baleful gaze in my direction.

“Yo! Scientist dude,” he said. “Wazzzuuuuppp?”

Two minutes later, I fired Igor.

Author’s Note: We’ve all seen the hunchbacked lab assistant, Igor, return to his mad scientist master with a substandard brain for transplant into the monster, but I wonder just how many times the mad scientist will put up with Igor’s incompetence before making a major personnel change.

Drabble: Be Careful What You Ask For by Nicole J. LeBoeuf

by specklit

Lisa edges through the half-open bedroom door, whispering narration. “Having put the kids to bed, the Babysitter Detective can at last begin her investigation.” Her cloth handkerchief (every Babysitter Detective should carry one) keeps her fingerprints off the light switch. “What secrets lie behind her clients’ everyday facade?”

Something about Mrs. Cauldwell’s slippers catches her eye. She turns the light back off to see it better: a faint shimmering plays over the one nearer the bed. She kneels to peer underneath. Now she can see the portal, glowing, beckoning. Her hands begin to shake.

This isn’t a game anymore.

Author’s Note: Harriet The Spy was awesome, but even better was Alison from The Lemon-Freshened Active Enzyme Junior High School Witch. Both Harriet and Alison used their imaginations to make their lives more exciting, but I don’t think Harriet ever stumbled into and foiled a real life crime in progress like Alison did.

Drabble: The Price of Pride by Dionne Obeso

by specklit

I always said I would go to any length to avoid my ex, but falling into a wormhole wasn’t what I’d had in mind…

I emerged shaken, surprised, and alive. I was even more surprised six seconds later, when the radio lit up.

“Strange vessel, you are in violation of the Artikan Dominion. Cut your engines and prepare to be boarded.”

“Shit.” My fingers worked the controls, desperate to turn around, but the wormhole was sealed and long-gone. I sighed as I heard the clang of their tow device on my hull. Maybe I should have just let Nathan talk.

Author’s Note: This story came to me in the form of the first line. I just played from there.

Drabble: Janice’s Daily Visits by Tracy L. Carbone

by specklit

Janice’s grandfather lived in a camper behind their farm. When she visited him each day, they played checkers and watched cartoons. He’d remove his teeth and click-clack them on the table to amuse her. Mama said death was final and she needed to let Grandfather go. Mama baked blueberry pies, and sang soothing lullabies at bedtime. Grandfather said death was final and she needed to let Mama go. Janice didn’t know whom to believe. She continued on, playing checkers, watching cartoons, enjoying blueberry pie, listening to Mama’s songs, and wondered about the gravestone out back that listed her own name.

Author’s Note: When I was in kindergarten, my friend Janice and I would walk across her farm, past the horses, and visit he

Drabble: Size Matters by Robert Menegus

by specklit

Throughout his life, Gofie was teased for having smaller horns than the other fauns, so he was thrilled to come across a horn enlargement infomercial promising minotaur-sized horns for just three easy payments of twenty gold pieces.

He placed an order and a week later the cream came in the mail. Gofie covered his horns with the ointment before bed, as instructed, and happily drifted off to sleep.

When Gofie awoke, his horns were five times bigger than before! Unfortunately, minotaur horns were much heavier than he’d anticipated, and he couldn’t lift his head off his bed to enjoy them.

Author’s Note: There are some male enhancement ads out there that promise ginormous, uh, results. I saw one that promised results that seemed too big to even be used. That’s what this was a response to.

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