Drabble: Sleeping Beauty by Emily Martha Sorensen

by specklit

Mildred watched the princess skip down the stairs to the tower. “You woke up Sleeping Beauty? How?”

Topaz, the princess, shrugged. She pulled out a vial of something and shook it. “Revoltingly strong perfume. Same thing that worked on my great-grandmother.”

“But I thought it took a kiss to break a spell like that,” Mildred protested.

The princess chortled. “That was my great-grandfather trying to spread rumors about what a great kisser he was. Now some people think that same curse will get them dates.”

From far above, they heard a wail. “Where’s my prince?”

Author’s Note: Mildred, the good witch, and Topaz, the pickpocket princess, are two of the main characters in my book Black Magic Academy.

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