Drabble: Failure #27 by William A. Veselik

by specklit

My newest creature arose from its slab last night.

I was a little shaken, especially since it had been two days since I routed three lightning strikes directly into its lifeless body.

As quickly as I could, I prepared a sedative and braced myself for a rampage.

My creatures almost always go on rampages.

I even pay extra on my laboratory insurance policy just for that reason.

This time, though, the hideous creature opened his jaundiced eyes and sat up before turning its baleful gaze in my direction.

“Yo! Scientist dude,” he said. “Wazzzuuuuppp?”

Two minutes later, I fired Igor.

Author’s Note: We’ve all seen the hunchbacked lab assistant, Igor, return to his mad scientist master with a substandard brain for transplant into the monster, but I wonder just how many times the mad scientist will put up with Igor’s incompetence before making a major personnel change.

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  1. Mike says:

    That made me laugh.

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