Drabble: Be Careful What You Ask For by Nicole J. LeBoeuf

by specklit

Lisa edges through the half-open bedroom door, whispering narration. “Having put the kids to bed, the Babysitter Detective can at last begin her investigation.” Her cloth handkerchief (every Babysitter Detective should carry one) keeps her fingerprints off the light switch. “What secrets lie behind her clients’ everyday facade?”

Something about Mrs. Cauldwell’s slippers catches her eye. She turns the light back off to see it better: a faint shimmering plays over the one nearer the bed. She kneels to peer underneath. Now she can see the portal, glowing, beckoning. Her hands begin to shake.

This isn’t a game anymore.

Author’s Note: Harriet The Spy was awesome, but even better was Alison from The Lemon-Freshened Active Enzyme Junior High School Witch. Both Harriet and Alison used their imaginations to make their lives more exciting, but I don’t think Harriet ever stumbled into and foiled a real life crime in progress like Alison did.

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