Drabble: Janice’s Daily Visits by Tracy L. Carbone

by specklit

Janice’s grandfather lived in a camper behind their farm. When she visited him each day, they played checkers and watched cartoons. He’d remove his teeth and click-clack them on the table to amuse her. Mama said death was final and she needed to let Grandfather go. Mama baked blueberry pies, and sang soothing lullabies at bedtime. Grandfather said death was final and she needed to let Mama go. Janice didn’t know whom to believe. She continued on, playing checkers, watching cartoons, enjoying blueberry pie, listening to Mama’s songs, and wondered about the gravestone out back that listed her own name.

Author’s Note: When I was in kindergarten, my friend Janice and I would walk across her farm, past the horses, and visit he

2 Responses to “Drabble: Janice’s Daily Visits by Tracy L. Carbone”

  1. Rob Butler says:

    This is an excellent story with a lovely twist ending. It looks like the Author’s Note has got truncated? I’d be interested to read the full version.

  2. LS says:

    That’s a particularly nice one.

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