Drabble: The Crystalline Spiders of Moon 12 by Jeff Suwak

by specklit

Exploring a new moon, Captain Vasquez’s crew accidentally drilled into the side of a space vessel buried deep underground. Thousands of giant crystalline spiders spilled out the hole and began spinning fiber optic webs over the moon’s valleys.

Once complete, the web network began broadcasting its coordinates into outer space, presumably calling more spacefaring arachnids forth.

Their mission accomplished, the spiders began to eat.

They started with Vasquez’s landing craft. Next they went for the drill.

“They prefer electronic things, not flesh,” Helmsley said with relief.

“Yes.” Vasquez laughed grimly. “Electronic things such as our space suits.”

Author’s Note: Really, this one is all about the crystalline spiders and their fiber optic webs. The image popped into my head some time ago and never left.

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  1. Very nice world-building.

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