Drabble: Billy Somerset Saves the Boy Beneath the Water by Franklin Charles Murdock

by specklit

The boy was drowning and though Billy Somerset was still learning to swim, he jumped into the pool to save him.

As he reached for the boy, the body rolled, revealing empty sockets and a piranha grin. Then the dead boy was reaching back with gnarled, black claws.

Billy tried to surface, but a slender hand caught his ankle. Thrash as he might, he couldn’t break free.

Then new hands seized Billy, pulling him from the water.

“Don’t be scared, Billy, you’ll get it,” his Dad said as Billy fought for air. “Just take a breather and hop back in.”

Author’s Note: Inspired by that startling moment in the original Friday the 13th when little Jason erupts out of Crystal Lake and bear-hugs the lone survivor of his mother’s rampage.

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