Drabble: Automatic Steering by Nicholas M. Bugden

by specklit

“In 500 metres turn left.”

The man turns the car onto a dirt path. He has never been this way before. Empty fields stretch out in all directions. No houses, other cars, human eyes. He continues down the deserted road.

“You have reached your destination.”

This isn’t the location he entered into his GPS. He looks up. In the distance is a seated shadowed figure with a laptop. He puts his car in reverse. Nothing. The car is locked. Its systems hacked. He tries to undo his belt. Locked. The figured approaches. Slow, sure. There is something in its hand…

Author’s Note: I once entered the name of a restaurant into my phone and not only got directions for a place in another country, but another continent – would have been quite the walk.

One Response to “Drabble: Automatic Steering by Nicholas M. Bugden”

  1. Ha! Love this. We once asked Google to give us directions to Old Chicago, and were startled at an estimated travel time of two days. We meant the restaurant chain outlet in Boulder, Colorado. Google thought we meant the city in Illinois.

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