Drabble: Flight of Faith by Gary Cuba

by specklit

The young monk Aris teetered at the cliff’s edge, arms outspread. Surf crashed into the jagged rocks far below.

“Aris!” Father Petrod called out. “Do not tempt God, my son! What you are contemplating is a mortal sin.”

Aris turned his head and smiled at the abbot. “No one in the monastery understood me, Father. They mocked the intensity of my passion for God’s most perfect creation, His holy sheep. You alone were kind, saying, ‘Only by your faith shall you be lifted up.’ Farewell!”

For the eternity of a moment, Aris felt his wings fill with God’s redeeming breath.

Author’s Note: One hopes that Aris’s faith preserved him. But one also wonders if he would’ve been better off without it.

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