Drabble: The Hysterical Pregnancy by Tracy L. Carbone

by specklit

Five months into Allie’s pregnancy, Dr. Mason informed her there was no fetus. She viewed the ultrasound picture of an empty gray-scale sack. “Screw your tests,” she said. “I’m carrying a child.” Doctor Mason patted her hand. Month six, the baby kicked. Month seven, a tiny hand pushed against her from the inside. Month eight, constant movement convinced her that life grew within. On delivery day, blood and urine tests still reported lack of human life. The doctor bullied her. “It’s in your head.” Two hours later, a creature akin to a goat ripped from her to start His reign.

Author’s Note: I was reading through brainstorming cards (Writer’s Toolbox) and saw one that said, “the smell of chicken.” I thought of being nauseated by that if I were pregnant. Then came this story.

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