Drabble: The Sweeter Blood by Franklin Charles Murdock

by specklit

Maddie knew the demon liked her blood, thought it sweet. She began the trail at her bed with a pin prick to her finger, letting it pool at her feet to entice the monster.

When she’d seen the glint of its yellow eyes, she’d backed out of the room, watching each drop hit the floor as she wrung them out. It was following her now, down the hall, to the kitchen, until her father ambushed the abomination with a knife.

An hour later, they feasted on its husk, father and child, their craving for demon’s flesh sated in the moonlight.

Author’s Note: This story features a classic bait-and-switch ending. Gives new meaning to the term “demon hunter.”

One Response to “Drabble: The Sweeter Blood by Franklin Charles Murdock”

  1. I love the tone of this drabble and how my impression of the protagonist’s personality changed slightly with each sentence.

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