Drabble: Electronic Voice Phenomena by Michael D. Winkle

by specklit

Phil played a CD called “Thrilling Haunted House Sounds.”

“I don’t like Halloween,” said Arlene. “Not since that night in the old Foley place… when Chris disappeared.”

“Come on, he left for LA, like he’s always planned,” said Phil.

Dennis examined the CD case.

“Listen: ‘The voices on this album are genuine auditory phenomena recorded at actual haunted sites.’”

Moans and cackles echoed over the party. Phil snorted.

“Real ghost sounds. What a load of –“

He dropped his beer as a familiar voice yelled: “Help! Phil – Dennis – it’s got me! Phiiilll…”

“I don’t think Chris made LA, Phil,” said Dennis.

Author’s Note: Just an idea I had after reading too many ghost stories.

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