Drabble: Across the River by Samantha Lienhard

by specklit

Rivers. If he had a choice, he wouldn’t go anywhere near them.

But he did not have a choice, because he was dead.

Hermes came back for him. “Will you please stop delaying?”

“Nope. I know how this goes.” He held up his coin. “I have to get in a boat. No way.”

The god rolled his eyes. “I can’t believe the great hero is afraid of a boat… Look, you’re set to go to Elysium, so why don’t you just get this part over with?”

Elysium. This was just one more battle to overcome first.

He could do it.

Author’s Note: I challenged myself to write a drabble with a happy ending in which the happy ending was not necessarily a twist. I also was thinking a lot about Greek mythology and the Underworld, so I decided to incorporate that.

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