Drabble: Cooked by M.M. DeVoe

by specklit

With a sinking heart, Serena caught sight of the herbal remedy steeping on the sideboard. Too long. Shouldn’t have talked so long to Maybelle, but the gossip had been sweeter than a child’s fondest memory. The king’s daughter missing–!!

Steep five minutes, said the spellbook. How long had it been? Twenty? How bad could it be?

She ladled liquid into the tiny red jar and stoppered it. Took up a quill, dipped it in ink: Extra-Strength Love Potion, 3 gold pieces. She crossed out the three and wrote one. Someone would buy it and it would make delicious gossip.

Author’s Note: Besides being a witch (or so people tell me) I also am a terrible cook. But I have a fondness for finding the positive in my egregious cooking errors: hockey pucks, FB posts…and now, stories!

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