Drabble: Avoidance of Eye Contact by Simon Petrie

by specklit

Unease grows. Miss Eleni, our chaperone, has been gone some time.

I scan the grove. “We should go look.” My betrothed agrees.

Ahead, a statue. “It’s like Miss Eleni,” remarks my betrothed.

“Very like,” I agree. “In stone. Alarmed.”

“A gorgon?” The thought chills.

“No. These woods are safe. Kalliope always brings lovers here. Or so I’ve heard.”

Further, another statue. Philomena. My missing cousin, pure of heart.

Something clicks: a gorgon, crossed with a unicorn? Seen only by the virginal?

“Close your eyes.” I pull my betrothed close. Kiss deep. “We must save ourselves.”

“By not saving ourselves?”


Author’s Note: The Gorgon is possibly my favorite mythological creature. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s a nominative fascination with the idea of ‘petrification’? The trick, as always, is to find a new wrinkle.

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  1. While I do not condone the action implied at the end of this story, I must admit the idea is brilliant.

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