Drabble: Tourists in Hell by Alison McBain

by specklit

“This is the first circle of hell.”

“What?” asked George, poking at his hearing aid.

“The first circle!” his wife shouted.

“Not bad,” he said, taking out his camera.

“No photos,” reminded the guide. “Be careful. The next level is lust. It’s windy.”


“Lust!” Dolores screamed. Her skin pinkened as everyone on the tour stopped to look at her. “Sorry.”

“No worries,” said the guide. “Right this way. Eight to go.”

“You wanted the bargain tour,” complained Dolores, but her husband didn’t hear. “At least we won’t be here forever.”

Their guide grinned. “Don’t be so sure of that.”

Author’s Note: If you’ve ever taken a tour, you’ve probably seen these tourists. Just a bit more of an unusual location for a vacation.

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