Drabble: Scales of Justice by Simon Petrie

by specklit

Dragonskin makes excellent armor.

Dragons know this too, which makes acquisition difficult.

Gul reckons he knows how. “Reptiles, right?”

“Ye-es,” say I. “Fire-breathing, though. And big.” I’m not keen.

“They’ll shed. They have to. In the lair, I bet. We trespass while it’s out.”

“I’m not liking this.”

“You’ll pay ten gold a skin at the merchants? Or get it free?”

Well, framed that way…

Lair’s dark, stuffy, smelly. Eventually, we find the skins.

Dragon finds us.

Nostrils. Heat. Teeth. Noise.

We quake.

“You’d steal my old scales?” the dragon glowers. “Thirty gold a skin, same as everybody.”

We pay.

Author’s Note: Dragons are a staple of fantasy. But in the real world, everything is a resource.

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  2. I lol’d. Loudly. Any minute, household members will be coming in here and asking why I cackled.

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