Drabble: Beginner’s Luck by Rose Blackthorn

by specklit

Valent flourished the wand, concentrating, and stage-whispered, “Draconis.”

The dragonfly on the golden orchid displayed iridescent wings and gazed at him from multifaceted eyes.

He shook the wand, frowning at it balefully. It was a simple enough spell, and he knew he had the power to perform it.

“Draconis!” he insisted, waving the wand exaggeratedly before pointing at the dragonfly again.

The tip of the wand quivered within an inch of the insect.

The dragonfly preened, rubbing dainty feet over sparkling eyes.

Valent gritted his teeth and brandished the wand angrily. “Draconis!” he shouted.

Behind him, a third dragon appeared.

Author’s Note: I find it interesting when people are so focused on one single thing, that they completely lose sight of everything else.

3 Responses to “Drabble: Beginner’s Luck by Rose Blackthorn”

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  2. Mi says:

    ~ Oh, Rose! This is quite fun, and your Author’s Note at the bottom is perfect. I’m passing this one along, with my high recommendation. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  3. kerry black says:

    I liked this!

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