Drabble: Mean Little Boy by Gary Cuba

by specklit

Everything Eddie Nelson knew, he’d learned in Kindergarten:

  1. The other kids are all wimps, and you can easily make them do what you want by intimidation.
  2. Only share your toys if you can steal something better in return.
  3. Naps are for sissies.

“And what is your recommended response to North Korea’s latest provocative action, General Nelson?”
Eddie’s mind snapped back to the Situation Room. The new President was just another wimp. He was limp prey, all the way.

“Nuke ’em,” Eddie said. “Now!”

He smiled as the President called for the “nuclear briefcase” to be brought in.

Author’s note: I’ve always wondered about who the real behind-the-scenes power wielders are. (And yes, Dr. Strangelove is indeed one of my favorite movies.)

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